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History of the motorcycle


There is no simple answer to the simple question of who invented the first engine. The historical data tell us that it is more complicated than that there is one name to be put forward like mr. Diesel as the inventor of the diesel combustion engine.

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The first steps

The first step in the right direction that was made when people invented ‘Jet Ski’ which had the same size in front and behind, the rear wheel being driven by a mechanism in the later versions. The earlier ones were already advanced stepping. This was already a big improvement in contrast to the then usual large wheel with direct drive on the axle. These appeared around 1800 using wooden wheels on which iron tires were shrunk. These vehicles were called ‘bone-crushers’ because of their somewhat poor therapeutic effect for both the rider and the crossing footmen.

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Gottlieb Daimler

Gottlieb Daimler, who later founded the Daimler Benz Corporation with Karl Benz, gets the credit to have built the first motorcycle in 1885 with one wheel in front and behind, with smaller support wheels still being used. The whole consisted largely of wood with iron-covered wheels, entirely according to ‘bone-crusher’ concept. The whole was propelled by a one-cylinder Otto engine and most probably had a misting carburetor. This was designed at that time by Daimler’s assistant, Wilhelm Dambach.

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